Andre Comeaux was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he said he had the great fortune of growing up in a town with such a diverse group of people with the unique Cajun culture. "Good people, great food and the best music, always a fun time going on in southwest Louisiana. After

attending college for business, Andre decided to pursue his passion for photography.

While attending Brooks Institute of Photography, Andre's portfolio was one of eight chosen to represent his school for the "Student Photographer of the Year" contest sponsored by American Photo Magazine and Hasselblad.

Andre received a honorable mention in the contest.

After graduation, Andre moved to Los Angeles started assisting what he calls the "Masters of light". With a love for still life photography, Andre decided to go literally "big", and started working with the top automotive photographers in the business to learn the art of lighting cars and producing complex projects in the studio and locations. Being a people person, Andre also loved working with the best people photographers around the country. Andre said he was lucky to work with the masters of directing and lighting people. Projects ranged from a single light source to projects with 20+ lights.

In 2004, Andre relocated to south Florida to end his cross country courtship of his future wife, Sarah. In 2005, Andre was chosen as runner up in the 2005 APA Photography Contest, saying it was such an honor to have been selected out of all the talented photographers in the industry. Also in 2005, Andre's images were chosen by Nikon for their full line catalog.

When friends ask why do you like being a photographer,

Andre replied "It is more than taking a simple portrait with available light, he says there is nothing like taking a concept to reality. Going on location or in the studio, taking a person or product, creating light for the desired mood or effect, then captureing the images.